100-Year-Old Indian Runner wins Gold Medal

100-Year-Old Man Kaur from India crossed the finish line in the 100-meter competition for old athletes within one minute & 21 seconds to claim a Gold Medal at the American Masters Games. Soon after the victory, She had a smile on her face and raised her hands in the air. In fact, She was the only female contestant in that Age category.

Other participants, who were in 70s and 80s, of American Masters Games, cheered for Man Kaur when she ran on the track. The kind of motivation this 100-Year-Old has given with her energy levels and determination is priceless.

Gurdev Singh, Son of Man Kaur, says his Mother would go back to India to tell everyone that she has won medals for her country. It was Gurdev who encouraged his Mom to start running at the age of 93.

Man Kaur has won over 20 medals in Masters Games across the Globe. Earlier, She won Gold Medals in the Javelin throw and Shot Put.

100-Year-Old Indian Runner wins Gold Medal