Indian who walked 1,000 kms to buy Ticket to India

Jagannathan Selvaraj, a native of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, walked more than 1,000 kilometers in Dubai. Why did he do so?

Actually, The 48-Year-Old Indian is penny less and used to live in a public part in Dubai. He sought a leave from the Dubai court after his mother died in an accident in Tamil Nadu, so that he could attend the funeral.

Due to lack of money for travelling in public transport, Selvaraj used to walk for 4 hours on the day of court hearing. The court, however, kept denying permission to him. In the past two years, Mr.Selvaraj attended more than 20 court hearings in the same manner. Each time, He used to travel 44 km to travel between Court and his Sonapur accommodation. He could have easily completed walking for over thousand kilometers by now.

The sad story of Jagannathan Selvaraj went viral on Social Media now. As a result, Kind-hearted people began appealing External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to take necessary measures to help Selvaraj reach his native place.

Indian who walked 1,000 kms to buy Ticket to India