Konda Murali Threatening Call to Corporator Husband in Warangal

Internal politics in TRS has become a headache for Leadership ever since defections were encourages. Several Prominent Leaders from all the Opposition Parties shifted loyalties to the ruling party in the past two-and-a-half years. Now, There is a tug of war between TRS Leadders to hold an upper hand and this is quite evident in Warangal TRS.

MLC Konda Murali and City Mayor Nannapuneni Narendar were at loggerheads with each other in Warangal. They are not even hesitating to verbally abuse the leaders who attend the meetings organized by their rival. Corporators, Mandal-level and Vilage-level Leaders were facing many problems because of this cold war.

The audio footage of Konda Muralis conversation with the Husband of a Corporator who belongs to the minority community is now creating tremors in political circles. TRS MLC lashed out at him for organizing a meeting without prior notice.

Konda Murali: Sachipothav…Amanukuntunnav. Meeting Lu Petti Evarni Pilusthunnav..Em..Ra..Koduka..Sigguleda..Karimabad Lo Meeting Petti Evarini Pilichinavu Ra..Em Ra..Koduka..Record Chesukuntunnavara..Ne Record Lu..Koduka..Emaina Chesuko. Ne..Vaditho Thannistha..Samputha..Emanukuntunnavo Na Koduka..Nenu Neeku Corporator Ticket Ichina..Nee Kevvaru Istharu Ra? Kruthagnatha Leni..Koduka!.

Victim: Ledanna..Nenu Ne Manishini..Ne Daggara Unnolle Ninnu Mosamchestunnaru..Thappudu Matalu Chebutunnaru Na Medha. Nenu Alantonni Kadanna..Enduku Itla Matladuthunnav.

Konda Murali Threatening Call to Corporator Husband in Warangal