Pittagoda Telugu Movie Review

Review: Pitta Goda

Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: Sunshine Cinema, Suresh Productions.
Cast: Vishwadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam and Others
Music: Pranam Kamalakar
Cinematography: Uday.
Story, producer: Rammohan P
Dialogues, direction: Anudeep KV

Pelli Choopulu has demonstrated that in spite of not having enormous names to gloat, a low-spending film can become showbiz royalty if just they are blessed with a rigid script, novel taking and heaps of amusement. Novel reputation and capable promos have actually increased present expectations for Pittagoda. Suresh Babus support excessively made the desires take off.

In any case, Pitta Goda, assuming any, is an adventure of a feeble and disintegrating divider, with mortar peeling off once again and again in spite of its beautiful characters and fun minutes.

With regards to making little movies, there shouldnt be any space for smugness. The story and the narrating must grasp. Pitta Godas first half guarantees, however the second half neglects to convey. The divider breaks after interim.

The film is an account of four drifter young people who while away time roosting themselves on a town parapet divider. They attempt each which approach to awe individuals, however wind up being butt of criticism of villagers and scorn of guardians. They even attempt to hold a cricket competition and raise cash. At last, they neglect to direct the competition and wind up wrecked.

Tippu (Viswadev) is the pioneer of the quartet and he succumbs to Divya (Punarnavi). How his life changes in the wake of meeting this young lady and what happens to the quartet on the parapet divider shapes the whole and substance of Pitta Goda.

In spite of the fact that the story has not a lot to go home and tell about, the narrating, loaded with situational comic drama keeps you in fastens. Their issues with their folks are funny. Indeed, even the interim blast is great. Be that as it may, from that point on, breaks start to show up in Pitta Goda. Everything turns out to be too realistic to be in any way noteworthy.

There are incogruities like Divya hammering Tippu when he express his sentiments to her and afterward grows delicate corner on him the in the exact next scene. Peak is excessively fake, making it impossible to be accepted. How the drifter quartet beats the scalawags and how they get in Government employments in spite of not having imperative capabilities demonstrate that the producer hasnt given an idea to story and just experienced movements in the second half.

Additionally, the flashback segment of the champion, reprobates rationale and saints dads conduct are excessively imposter. Subsequently, what guaranteed to be an engaging charge wound up with a fuss.

The lead match and legends amigos are persuading, however others are too over the edge. The music and cinematography are great and film, overall, doles out a quality charge. Parody scenes are great, yet scripting is defective and fragmented. The impact appears on the yield. The second half has swerved off track and the peak is an entire fall.

The lesson is movies with new comers can develop as astound victors just when the scripting is immaculate Otherwise, the parapet divider will soon break.

Pittagoda Telugu Movie Review


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